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  • A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques

A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques by N.P. Bali, P.N. Gupta & C.P. Gandhi

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Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN-10 8131807789
Edition N/A
Number of Pages 767
Publication Year 2007
Language English
ISBN-13 9788131807781
Binding Paperback


A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques', primarily meant for M.B.A. First year students of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, has been written by keeping in mind the students' capability of solving the mathematical as well as statistical problems in a systematic and logical manner. The author has certainly left no stone unturned in presenting the subject matter in a comprehensive and lucid way. The various topics likeIndex numbers and their utilityAnalysis of Time SeriesTheory of EstimationSampling and Testing of HypothesisF-test and Analysis of Variance etc.have been explained in an explanatory and methodical way. This book gives an inkling of the capability of the authors and confirms that the authors must have been successful teachers.We hope that this book will prove to be a BRAHMASTRA in the students' quiver. Table Of Contents : 1(A). Role of Mathematics and Statistics in Business Decisions1(B). Logarithms1(C). Equations : Linear, Quadratic and Simultaneous1(D). Theory of Sets2. Compound Interest and Depreciation3. Annuity4. Matrix Algebra5. Binomial Theorem6. Mathematical Induction7(A). Arithmetic Progression7(B). Geometric Progression8. Measures of Central Tendency9. Measures of Dispersion10(A). Moments10(B). Skewness and Kurtosis11. Correlation and Regression12. Time Series Analysis13. Probability and Event14. Bayes? Theorem15. Binomial Distribution16. Poisson. Distribution17. Normal Distribution18(A). Theory of Estimation18(B). Sampling and Tests of Significance19. F-Test and Analysis of Variance20. Index Numbers Appendix Index About Author : N.P. Bali is a prolific author of over 100 books for degree and engineering students. He has been writing books for nearly 40 years.His books on the following topics are well known for their easy comprehension and lucid presentation: Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Real Analysis, Co-ordinate Geometry, Statics, Dynami
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