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Read books without having to worry where to keep them.

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Bookthisbook (not book this book) was started with a vision to make books accessible and affordable to all people. Bookthisbook is an online book rental portal that provides books on rent (currently in Mumbai) and is in the process of becoming the online library for Mumbai. Book readers explore the portal and discover virtually any book they want to read. Bookthisbook primarily focuses on renting because for book readers, spending a ton of money for reading all the books they want to read is not feasible. This also introduces a secondary problem of having limited shelf-space. Renting is feasible because it solves these two crucial problems that most book readers face. Renting a book costs less than a third of the book’s cost and the reader can always read different books without worrying about shelf-space. The categories of rental books that we cater to are fiction books, non-fiction books, children books, romance books, self-help books, motivation books, cookery books, management books, religion books and spiritual books.

Bookthisbook also understands the needs of students and so we additionally sell academic books so that they can buy books online. We provide a repository of academic textbooks on a single platform so students need not search extensively for the academic books. We sell books for competitive examinations, engineering books (Mumbai University), law books, medical books, ICSE books, CBSE (NCERT) books etc. By providing so many types of books catering to a wide audience, we at Bookthisbook strive to become your one stop website for books. Do take the time to go through our website because you never know, something interesting may catch your eye. Because after all, we have something for everyone.